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China Album
Monday February 26th, 2024 with SugarZero

今日主题歌手在湖南省湘潭市出生的孟慧圆,是一位中国内地流行乐女歌手、词曲作者和演员,出生于1994年1月12日。她毕业于湘潭医卫职业技术学院。现在,让我们一起来了解一下她的演艺经历和主要作品: 演艺经历: 2012年,孟慧圆参加了青海卫视选秀娱乐节目《花儿朵朵》,在全国总决赛中获得第4名、最具人气奖和最具突破表现奖,从此正式踏入演艺圈。 2016年,她参加了芒果TV选秀娱乐节目《超级女声》,成为入住女声学院的首批正式生之一,并最终获得全国总决赛的第16名。 孟慧圆推出了多首个人单曲,包括《要不要投降》、《人啊!》、《心里的人儿》等。 孟慧圆备受关注,她在不同音乐综艺节目中展现了多变的风格,擅长多种音乐类型。以坚定的信念和卓越的音乐实力赢得了观众的喜爱。在《这样唱好美》中,她的演唱令人感动,无论是唱哭众人的《老情歌》、告白蔡琴老师的《不了情》还是与吕方老师合作的《朋友别哭》,都深深留在了观众的记忆中。 此外,孟慧圆在早期的音乐比赛中也受到了评委的赞赏。丁薇老师曾称赞她的声音里有潜能和力量,让人刮目相看。万芳老师则赞扬她的嗓音天赋,认为她的声音是老天爷赐予的好嗓子。 跟随我们一起来欣赏一下孟慧圆的音乐作品。在接下来的节目中,您将会听到她的经典之作,如老情歌、凤凰花开的路口、哈哈哈,好借好还以及其他让人回味无穷的动人旋律。请您放松心情,尽情享受她带来的音乐盛宴! 🎶🎤🌟 #孟慧圆 #湖南湘潭 #流行音乐 #音乐才华 #超级女声 #中国内地歌手 #音乐盛宴 #动人旋律 Today's featured artist, Meng Huiyuan, born in Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, is a Chinese mainland pop singer, songwriter, and actress, born on January 12, 1994. She graduated from Xiangtan Medical Vocational and Technical College. Now, let's delve into her career and major works: Career Highlights: In 2012, Meng Huiyuan participated in the talent show "Hua'er Duoduo" on Qinghai Satellite TV, where she secured 4th place in the national finals, as well as the titles of Most Popular and Most Promising Performer, officially marking her entry into the entertainment industry. In 2016, she joined the talent show "Super Girl" on Mango TV, becoming one of the first official students at the Female Voice Academy and eventually clinching 16th place in the national finals. Meng Huiyuan has released several solo singles, including "Surrender or Not," "Oh, People!", and "Someone in My Heart," garnering significant attention. Renowned for her versatility, she has showcased various musical styles on different music variety shows, earning admiration for her steadfast belief and exceptional musical prowess. Her performances on "Sing China" have left a lasting impression, whether it's her rendition of the emotional classic "Love Song," her heartfelt tribute to teacher Cai Qin with "Unfinished Love," or her collaboration with teacher Lv Fang on "Don't Cry, My Friend." Furthermore, Meng Huiyuan has received praise from judges in early music competitions. Teacher Ding Wei praised her voice for its potential and strength, while teacher Wan Fang commended her natural vocal talent, believing her voice to be a gift from heaven. Let's enjoy Meng Huiyuan's music together. In the following program, you will hear her classics such as "Love Song," "Intersection of Phoenix Blossoms," "Haha," "Borrow and Repay," and other unforgettable melodies. Relax and immerse yourself in this musical extravaganza! 🎶🎤🌟 #MengHuiyuan #Xiangtan #ChinesePop #MusicTalent #SuperGirl #MainlandSinger #MusicalExtravaganza #MelodicJourney
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