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China Album
Monday January 29th, 2024 with SugarZero
深夜车载电台 III

欢迎来到本期电台节目,🎉ChinaAlbum依旧祝大家2024新年快乐!🎉在今天的音乐之旅中,我们将沉浸在动人的深夜音乐世界中 🌙。本期的节目包括了来自TC的精彩曲目,让您尽情享受音乐的魅力 🎶。 在今晚节目中,您将听到一系列精心挑选的歌曲,包括银河轨迹 🌌、Baby 👶、倾心画家 🎨、失眠治疗 😴、闪闪 ✨、愿星辰与你相伴 🌟、心脏剧痛 💔、以及与Forest龙楠林合作的你是我的全世界 🌍,以及最后的学不会释怀 📚。 让这些音乐伴随您,带您走进一个充满感动和回忆的音乐之旅 🎵。不要错过这个充满韵律和情感的节目,尽情享受美妙的音乐吧! 🎶🎉 Welcome to this edition of the radio program, 🎉ChinaAlbum wishes everyone a Happy New Year in 2024!🎉 On today's musical journey, we will immerse ourselves in the captivating world of late-night music 🌙. This episode features fantastic tracks from TC, allowing you to fully enjoy the charm of music 🎶. Tonight, you'll hear a carefully selected series of songs, including "Galactic Journey" 🌌, "Baby" 👶, "Heartfelt Painter" 🎨, "Insomnia Therapy" 😴, "Shimmering" ✨, "Wish Upon a Star with You" 🌟, "Heartache" 💔, and the collaboration with Forest龙楠林 on "You Are My World" 🌍, as well as the final track, "Learning to Let Go" 📚. Let these tunes accompany you, taking you on a journey filled with emotions and memories 🎵. Don't miss out on this rhythmic and emotional program; enjoy the wonderful music to the fullest! 🎶🎉 #ChinaAlbum #NewYear2024 #MusicJourney #LateNightMusic #GalacticJourney #Baby #HeartfeltPainter #InsomniaTherapy #Shimmering #WishUponAStar #Heartache #YouAreMyWorld #LearningToLetGo #RadioProgram
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