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China Album
Monday May 24th, 2021 with SugarZero
Jackson Yee

Jackson Yee (Chinese: 易烊千玺; pinyin: Yì Yángqiānxǐ, Chinese name Yi Yangqianxi, born on 28 November 2000) is a Chinese singer, dancer and actor. After a talent manager discovered him at a children talent competition, where he performed a hip-hop dance, and signed to TF Entertainment, Yee became the youngest member of the Chinese boy band TFBoys in 2013. Yee is also a solo artist and singer. His single in 2017, "Li Sao (The Lament)" was named "Mandarin Song of the Year" by Billboard Radio China. Yee also has starring roles in The Longest Day in Chang'an (2019) and Forward (2019). He received critical acclaim for his performance in Better Days (2019) and his 2020 film A Little Red Flower was a further success. He also won the Best New Performer Award in the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards for his first lead film role, Bei in Better Days. Yee ranked 8th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2019, and 1st in 2020. According to Chinese media reports, he is currently one of the most commercially valuable stars in China.
易烊千玺 - New
易烊千玺 - New
易烊千玺 - New
Can you feel my world
易烊千玺 - New
易烊千玺 - New
易烊千玺 - New
易烊千玺 - New
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