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Monday May 13th, 2019 with Sugar Zero

听听音乐,聊聊那些五月天带给我们的青春记忆。 Formerly So Band, they came to be known as Mayday in 1997, with the name originating from Masa's online nickname. Mayday won the Golden Melody Award for Best Musical Group in 2001, 2004, 2009 and 2012. So today, let's share some memories we experienced with The Mayday music.
志明與春嬌 Peter&Mary
五月天 Mayday - 五月天第一张创作专辑 - Mayday's First Album
五月天 Mayday - 神的孩子都在跳舞 - God's Children Are All Dancing
溫柔 Tenderness
五月天 Mayday - 愛情萬歲 - Viva Love
你不是真正的快樂 You Are Not Truly Happy
五月天 Mayday - 後青春期的詩 - Poetry of the Day After
隱形的紀念 The Hidden Memories
阿信 Ashin - 單曲 - single song
Everybody Knows
Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man Canadian
Interactive CKCU