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Monday January 9th, 2017 with Yuanyuan Liang
No One Is Perfect

At the beginning of my show today, kindly allow me to play a song for Laura Luo, Chinese language instructor in Carleton University. Even though Laura and me have only communicated by phone and email in the last year and a half, we have never met in person until this afternoon when I was invited to her office in Carleton University. It was great to meet Laura and i enjoyed our conversation. Back to my show, it is about Joyce Cheng and her music. Joyce Cheng is a Canadian born Chinese singer, writer actress and performer based in Hong Kong. Joyce has been the focus of a variety of media articles due to her struggles with her weight. In 2016, she released her latest song Goddess from which the powerful message is really what we all need right now, No One Is Perfect.
Qing Xue
Chung-Kun Huang - Chun Guang - Rock Records Co., Ltd.
Wu Ren Wan Mei
Joyce Cheng - You Gu Shi De Ren - Stars Shine International Limited
Ni Shou Gou Le Ma
Joyce Cheng - Joyce - HMV Digital China Group Limited
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Joyce Cheng - The Voice of Love - Stars Shine International Limited
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Joyce Cheng - Joyce - HMV Digital China Group Limited
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Joyce Cheng - Joyce - HMV Digital China Group Limited
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