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Monday's Encounter
Monday November 20th, 2023 with Mihajlo Kos
Euro 2024 here we come!

Serbia Qualifies for Euro 2024, Djokovic Wins everything and Little Red Riding Hood is coming to town on this week's show. Tickets for Crvenkapa can be purchased here: Also please keep an eye out for youth Movie night at Sveti Stefan The "Omladinska Grupa" will have more info for us in the coming weeks.
Korneleous Kovac - Okean
Ne Zovi To Ljubavlju
Data - Ne Zovi To Ljubavlju
Ja Ne Bi, Ne Bi, Ne Bi
Du Du A - Ja Ne Bi, Ne Bi, Ne Bi
Don't Stop (Remix)
Sizike - Don't Stop (Remix)
Program Tvog Kompjutera
Denis i Denis - Denis i Denis
Moja Devojka
Laki Pingvini - Moja Devojka
Interactive CKCU