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Midnight in a 2023 World
Sunday January 1st, 2023 with Imp-Yam Cataracts
Let's Bring The 2023.... 3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

CKCU Program Director helps you ring in the New Year.... Speech speech speech...okay fine then: Good evening turned good morning everyone! I'm Dave Aardvark, CKCU's Program Director. Happy New Year and all the best to each and every one of you that are tuned in this evening to start off 2023 right! I know you don't hear from me a lot on the RADIO these days, but it's not like I'm not around trust me haha... It's been a crazy year, and I have to say I wouldn't have survived another without the incredible dedication of all the CKCU volunteer hosts that bring us great radio on the regular! Also, I need to acknowledge the incredible support we get from our listeners that have generously donated once again to the Annual Funding Drive to the tune of $122,567.00 and counting. Without Community support we just simply wouldn't be here, so I am very grateful that we can keep this dream alive, this breath of fresh air on the airwaves, this grassroots, diverse vehicle for all that is worthwhile in the region and beyond..... Anyways, time to shut up and get back to the party, but I thought that seeing as you are tuned you'd let me provide your mix, your background for the next couple of hours, and a crazy mix it is, cause that's what i I hope you'll keep it locked and cranked up. Again all the best for a prosperous New Year, meilleur Voeux pour 2023 tout le monde et a bientot!
Bandito (excerpt/ bed)
The Champs -
Brion Gysin -
Lose This Skin
Tymon Dogg w/ The Clash -
Helium -
Mo Kenney - Canadian
Crumblin' Walls
Charlene Queen XO - Canadian New
The Streetbeater
Quincy Jones -
Get Off The Radio
Lancelot Layne -
Talk About The Good Times
Jerry Reed -
The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band - Canadian
Et Moi
Jacques Dutronc -
Leave It Alone
Hellacopters -
Ring Of Fire
Social Distortion -
In Flux (Alternative interlude _93 version)
DJ Shadow -
==[additional selections from 1 to 2 AM exclusively on FM & stream only! howz that for gettin' it backwards?]==
Interactive CKCU
Dave Aardvark (host)
What are you hoping to do and/or see happen in the New Year? I'll start (in case I fall asleep B4 this "party" starts lol): I'd like to see Putin get shanked, Trump finally goes to jail (or hell), some legitimate progress on Climate Change and a shut down of the coastal gaslink pipeline, affordable housing, and also for all independent musicians and creatives to get proper due and support.... I'd like to facilitate a couple dozen new programs on CKCU this year... HNY to all <3

9:21 PM, December 31st, 2022
Pretty much agree! Happy New Year! Thanks for your work! ✊

12:06 AM, January 1st, 2023
[RANT ON] Oh, that button cannot be un-pushed.... >;^) I'd add some truth that would be increasingly less ignored, and some real reconciliation, meaning social change and $$ to start really fixing the mess us Colonizers have made. . Yes Trump in an orange jump suit with his new cell-mate 'Big Bubba'

12:28 AM, January 1st, 2023
Hey hillbilly! We seems to run (or limp) in the same ovals. Here's to all listeners, supporters, and action takers. Chi-Miigwech

12:44 AM, January 1st, 2023