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Midnight in a Perfect World
Sunday April 1st, 2018 with DJ Slama
Guest Host Jeremie (G money) Belanger Menard

Live Easter Special. It is midnight in this perfect world!
E40 - TEMP
But a Dream
G Eazy - TEMP
Handsome Boy Modeling School
The Truth - TEMP
Shape of My Mind
Neon Dreams - Single
Let Me Clear My Throat
DJ Cool - TEMP
Nature - TEMP
25 to Life
Eminem - TEMP
Kris Kross - TEMP
Imran Khan - Temp
Pump It
Joe Budden - TEMP
Blame Game
Kanye West - TEMP
Michael Jackson - Bad
No Smoke
Young Boy - TEMP
About The Money
T.I. - About The Money
Kendrick Lamar - Temp
Grim Reaper
Ryan Caraveo - TEMP
Picture Me Rollin
Chrs Brown - Temp
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