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Just Your Average Radio Show
Wednesday September 25th, 2019 with Dave Meehan
Ready for what?

Seems like everyone is holding their breath...for something. Needing this tonight.
Black Water
Rueben and the Dark - Funeral Sky Canadian
Kill The Lies
Sven Gali - single Canadian New
What You Give
Sven Gali - Inwire Canadian
Cat Love Power
Mink Mussel Creek - Mink Mussel Creek
Grand Hand Records label mates / stoner riff rock bands Calgary's Chron Goblin and Edmonton's Black Mastiff touring together in the promotion of each's new album's.
Chron Goblin's album "Here Before" is being released Sept 27th and Black Mastiff "Loser Delusions" on October 18th.
October 16 – Ottawa, ON – House of Targ - Event link:
Out Of My Mind
Chron Goblin - Here Before Canadian New
Star Base 77
Black Mastiff - Loser Delusions Canadian New
Let It Burn
Goat - single New
Fists Up High
Danko Jones - A Rock Supreme Canadian New
Call Me When It All Goes Wrong
The Rails - Cancel The Sun New
The Chain
Highwomen - The Kitchen Soundtrack New
Forever Ting
Tasha The Amazon - single Canadian New
Dizzy - single Canadian New
Coffin Love
The Dolly Rocker Movement - Our Days Mind The Tyme
Everyone Hides
Wilco - Ode To Joy New
Room 808
Adult Bodies - single New
Send Me A Vision
Boy Harsher - Country Girl Uncut New
Prism Stalker 02
neotenomie - Prism Stalker Soundtrack
V for Vendetta: V and Lilli at Breakfast Governments should be afraid of their people
...Governments Should Be Afraid Of Their People...
Dario Marianelli - V For Vendetta Soundtrack
Hot Chip - A Bath Full Of Ecstasy New
fn pig
Deadmaus - single Canadian New
Momentary Feelings
LAL - Dark Beings Canadian New
Breakdown the House...
Daniel Pemberton - Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse Soundtrack
...and Tear Off the Roof
Daniel Pemberton - Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse Soundtrack
Quiet Luke - single New
City Luv
Foreign Diplomats - Monami Canadian New
Bridge Fight
Trevor Yuile - Into The Badlands Season 2 Soundtrack
The Can't Have
Blocktreat - After Dark Canadian New
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