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Just Your Average Radio Show
Wednesday June 7th, 2017 with Dave Meehan
It's been a while...

Back after a long time away.
Intro - Intagerines and Chez Monplaisir - shit happens all the time so stay safe and listen to your radio
Crop Circles
Monster Magnet - Powertrip
Children Of The Revolution
T.Rex - Children Of The Revolution
Almost Legion
Jeff Russo - Legion Soundtrack
That's How It Goes
Odonis Odonis - Post Plague Canadian
Wink Of An Eye
Psyche - Insomnia Theater Canadian
Xiu Xiu - Forget
All The Hail Marys
The Dears - All The Hail Marys Canadian New
Everything Now
Arcade Fire - Everything Now Canadian New
Spoon - Hot Thoughts New
Goodbye Soleil
Phoenix - Goodbye Soleil New
Mogwai - Coolverine New
Alexandro Cortini/Merzbow - Alexandro Cortini/Merzbow New
Nine Inch Nails - The Slip
Holding On
The War On Drugs - Holding On New
Maybe A Moment
Justin Townes Earle - Maybe A Moment New
Ragas in Minor Scale
Ravi Shankar,Philip Glass - Passages
Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks
Glitch Pig - Glitch Pig
Pheek - Intra Canadian New
Harriet Brown - Contact Canadian New
Eternally Girl
Mozarts Sister - Field Of Love
The Call
Sacre - The Call New
Black Betty
Caravan Palace - Black Betty New
Head Over Heels
Brothertiger - Brothertiger Plays:Tears For Fears New
Strange Side Of the Street
The Velveteins - Slow Wave Canadian New
AM Static - Rise and Shine Canadian New
Save Me From Myself
Radiant Baby - It's My Party Canadian New
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