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Just Your Average Radio Show
Wednesday January 4th, 2017 with Dave Meehan
The TV Episode. (TV On The Radio...Get it?)

1st hour: Everything you should be listening to but aren't because you listen to bad radio stations 2nd hour: I'll be playing some of my favourite songs heard on TV shows the past year.
Intro - Intagerines and Chez Monplaisir - shit happens all the time so stay safe and listen to your radio
The Virus
A Tribe Called Red - We Are The Halluci Nation Canadian
Who Wants To Know
Dearly Beloved - Admission Canadian
These Words
DIANA - Familiar Touch Canadian
Royal Canoe - Something got Lost Between Here and the Orbit Canadian
The Family Physicians
Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles Canadian
Quite Content In the Rut
Duotang - New Occupation Canadian
Unknown Flowers
We Are Wolves - Wrong Canadian
Pang Attack - North Country Psychic Girls Canadian
Love II
The Cosmic Range - New Latitudes Canadian
All Day All Night
Jeen - Modern Life Canadian
River Tiber - Indigo Canadian
Crystal Castles - Amnesty (I) Canadian
Comfortably Numb
The Bad Plus - For All I Care
Stranger Things
Stranger Things
Kyle Dixon - Stranger Things Vol 1 (Soundtrack)
Peter Gabriel - Stranger Things (Soundtrack)
Being Evil Has A Price
Heavy Young Heathens - single
Luke Cage
Long Live The Chief
Jidenna - Long Live The Chief
Diamondback Arrives
Adrian Young - Luke Cage Soundtrack
Main Title Theme
Ramin Djawadi - Westworld Season 1 Soundtrack
Exit Music (For A Film)
Ramin Djawadi - Westworld Season 1 Soundtrack
No Rain
David Lichens - Preacher Soundtrack
Mr Robot
Mac Quayle - Mr.Robot Vol 1
Shadow Hunters
This Is The Hunt
Ruelle - Shadow Hunters (Soundtrack)
The Walking Dead
Everything's Fucked
Dirty Three - Dirty Three
Into The Badlands
Lead Me home
Jamie N Commons - single
Light Me Up
Bronze Radio Return - Light Me Up
Greenback Boogie
Ima Robot - single
Same For You
Lee DeWyze - Oil & Water
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