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Movie Mondays
Monday August 28th, 2017 with Michael O'Keefe and Joshua Robert Bateman
Animation Show of Shows - Interview with Ron Diamond

Mike is flying solo for this edition of Movie Mondays which is all about 18th Animation Show of Shows. Luckily, you still get your weekly dose of Josh for the recording of the interview with Ron Diamond the Producer of the Show of Shows. They talk about the many incredible animated shorts on display in this years show, a little bit of Canadiana and somehow they get to Sorority House Massacre (1986) and Roger Corman. Somehow they always manage to do that. You can catch all of these incredible animated shorts at The Mayfair Theatre September 1st to the 4th. It's good cartoon fun for the whole family, or most of it is anyway.
Streets to Blame
Keith Emerson - Murderock Soundtrack
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