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Lost In Bass
Tuesday June 11th, 2024 with T-23

Starting out the show with a except from the epic new double LP album from PAUL ANTHONY's downtempo moniker WILHAEVEN called INFINITE JEST, check it out it is all well worth a listen through: Active since 1994, Paul Anthony goes by many names: Night On Wish Mountain, Wilhaeven, KI, Canada High, Equal Ways, Rigid Body Dynamics, Travino - the list goes on. Far from disguises, they are a necessity for such a prolific producer. Paul got his start remixing electronic legends Mark Archer / Altern8, Si Begg, Unique 3, and Rhythmatic via UK based record label Mutate Records between 2010 and 2012. Aside from releasing music on dozens of labels around the world and playing gigs all over Canada, many of Paul's tracks have been featured in independent films, documentaries, MTV / NBC / CBC and BBC 4 television shows and gallery installations. Next we get into the mix with ANGIE SPENCE a returning Ottawa native who is based in Omaha, Nebraska. Angie's love for House Music began in the 90's, after attending her first rave in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada.  She fell in love with the dance floor and the feeling of unity that the music and people brought to the underground scene.  Angie quickly became passionate about the music and worked to promote events for local and international clubs and DJs.  More than 20 years later, her love for the music, the scene and the dance floor led her to pursue the inevitable dream of becoming a DJ herself, and sharing her passion.  She has played for many events and clubs over the past four years.  Angie is a resident DJ for the past three years at Omaha Fashion Week, as well as playing local music Omaha music event, MAHA festival for the past three years.  She continues to throw her own events with other top DJs including veterans to the scene, Moonbeam Jones, Joeski, David Harness, Colette, Jason Hodges, Phantoms, Ducky, Walker & Royce, Gettoblaster & Alexis Tucci.  With residencies at local clubs such as Barnato, The Tavern , 10 Forward & Thé Cottonwood Hotel, she continues her quest to bring underground House Music to Omaha, one raver at a time. Angie is dedicated to the dance floor and all the beautiful souls on it! MORE: INSTA: EVENT: Then we head way down south to Venezuela with our vetran resident selector EXXEL M aka ZEN STATE who's unmatched flow takes on a journey full of surprises cool mashups and crowd pleasing samples. Until next week stay Lost.
Lost Time
Wilhaeven - Infinite Jest Canadian New
ANGIE SPENCE (Pink Party Mix June 2024)
ZEN STATE (Groover Mix Jun 2024)
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Tom Maulini
i love Angie Spence

7:01 AM, June 12th, 2024