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Lost In Bass
Tuesday March 14th, 2023 with T-23

Starting out the show with a new releases from RETURN OF THE JADED feat. MELLY O out on Sink or Swim this week check it out and connect with ROTJ on his social and catch him at his many appearances across North America this Spring/Summer: FOLLOW: IG: MUSIC: Then we get into the mix with DISKO DAVE followed by RYAN LABELLE who are heading up the new WHITE RABBIT at City at Night this Saturday night along with SEAN VINCENT. DISKO DAVE has been spinning and bumping tracks to the Ottawa scene for many years has hosted many events as a promoter & DJ. His newly found focus is to just simply play out and support the creative underground movement. He doesn’t care how big or small the venue is, his goal, intent, and passion is to mold the performance and translate it into an unforgettable experience. His unique mixing style translates his love for underground house music which blends the drive of underground house music vs Detroit Techno. He is also known to incorporate all underground house music styles such as Deep & Tech, Funky, Chicago and Soulful or any sounds that reminisce the classic sounds of House Music. Next up we have RYAN LABELLE. 2023 marks 20 years of DJ’ing for RYAN, an Ottawa native. Over the years he has been a staple in all the underground house and tech venues. His passion always led the way and was shown through efforts in managing venues, promoting the various shows, and headlining numerous events. His talent and love of music have allowed him to travel all over the world and play with some of the most renown international DJs. After that JASON SKILZ provides some decidedly chill techno to get you in the mood for this FRIDAY at POSSIBLE WORLDS for NOT NORMAL, an experimental Synth, Noise, and Drone event at his vinyl print shop at 1165 Wellington St West, in Hintenburg here in Ottawa things get started at 7PM Check it out:
I Got What U Need feat. Mello Oh (Original Mix)
Return of the Jaded - I Got What U Need - Sink or Swim Canadian New
DISKO DAVE (Something Going On Mix March 2023)
RYAN LABELLE (White Rabbit Promo Mix March 2023)
JASON SKILZ (Technical Assembly Mix March 2023)
Interactive CKCU
Jason Skilz
Thanks for playing my latest Techno / Industrial EBM mix! and all your support Andrew. Great show as always

1:01 PM, March 14th, 2023