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Lost In Bass
Tuesday December 20th, 2022 with T-23
Episode 341: A WASHED UP LOCAL

Starting out the show with something new from CNTRL Machine with KI on the remix of a 4 tracker EP with a something for everyone called KIJGRA: Then we head out on a deeper dig from Thunderbitch as 'A WASHED UP LOCAL' her new moniker to differentiate from previous works returning with a new vision that focuses on keeping the underground music and dancers front and centre, with priorities ahead of the DJ themselves. For more music from 'A Washed UP Local' check her mixcloud page where mixes are regularly posted:
Kijgar (KI Remix)
CNTRL Machine - Kijgar EP - Juncture Music Canadian New
A WASHED UP LOCAL (After A Short Hiatus Mix Nov 2022)
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