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Lost In Bass
Tuesday August 9th, 2022 with T-23
Episode 325: TECHNO with SYVYL & D.B. COOPER

Starting out the show with a short tribute from ABE VAN DAMs Samuel Echo moniker reflecting on the loss of Anchalie Miles this past year. This one is called 'Angel' and available for free download on the Sam Echo Bandcamp page: Next up we get some new news from the studio of MARTIN VILLENEUVE who dropped two heater tracks this week, we played 'It's a Feeling' out on Marin Music and check out 'Ready Get Ready' out on Vamos Music Talent this week along with his excellent and prolific back catalogue over here: Then we play out the latest bootleg from RETURN OF THE JADED who works Chris Lakes - Turn the Lights Out into something very much Jaded, available for free download over hear on his Soundcloud page: Next up we get into the mix part of the show featuring a Lost In Bass regular who is appearing this Friday at CITY AT NIGHT with VIRL & OPERA for the next instalment of TECHNO, things get started at 10pm going until 2am: After that we cap off the show with our resident hard techno specialist D.B. COOPER repping BARRED TECHNO Productions who are no doubt putting together the Version 2.0 of Return to the Underground:
Angel (Original Mix)
Samuel Echo - Angel Canadian New
It's a Feeling (Original Mix)
Martin Villeneuve - It's a Feeling - Marin Music Canadian New
Turn the Lights Out (Return of the Jaded VIP Mix)
Chris Lake - Turn the Lights Out Canadian New
SYVYL (Techno Mix Aug 2022)
D.B. COOPER (Decidedly Chill at 127 BPM Mix Aug 2022)
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