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Lost In Bass
Tuesday July 5th, 2022 with T-23

Before we get into some great dark room techno with TANNER CASTRO and D.B. COOPER we play out CRAIG LEOs latest tech house success having been featured on Mark Knights Toolroom podcast after it's release on Tropical Records this past month: Then we head into the Underground with TANNER CASTRO. Tanner has always been big in to the music, he grew up with a dance background and along with a crew of House, B-Boys, Poppers, Vogue and Hip Hop Dancers led to him finding a home with the Cartoon Crew which allowed him to find his long lost father in Venezuela. Using Castro as his monikers Last Name is a homage to the passion for music and dance that gifted a father back to him. After attending Stereo Montreal at an early age Tanner Castros interest was seeded and the urge to facilitate dance through the art of DJing started and we are so glad you did, check out TANNER CASTRO on Soundcloud and his socials ahead of his appearance at 'THE RETURN TO THE UNDERGROUND' the inaugural event headed up by D.B. COOPER founder of BARRED TECHNO PRODUCTIONS: Then D.B. COOPER takes over with an absolutely mind blowing hard techno set to cap off the show, giving us a taste of what he will deliver this Satuday night at CAFE DECUF here in Ottawa. BARRED TECHNO PRODUCTIONS MIXCLOUD: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TANNER CASTRO SOUNDCLOUD: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK:
Tsulu (Extended Mix)
Siwell, Craig Leo - Tsulu - Tropical Records Canadian New
TANNER CASTRO (They Call It Techno 2022)
D.B. COOPER (It May Be To Hard for Regular Listeners 2022)
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