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Lost In Bass
Tuesday June 7th, 2022 with T-23
Episode 316: SAHRA with SIMPLY CITY & DEEPAR

Starting out with new tracks this week a collaborative experimental release from 'Organs without Bodies' = Jacob Audrey Taves (Holzkopf) and John Brennan. Using various electronic and analog elements they create a blend of free jazz, noise and IDM on this new release on LOW NOISE PRODUCTIONS: Then we get a sneak peek at THE GOATS new artist album rooted in driving techno while touching on ambient, dubstep, vocal electro pop, and industrial, The Details Are Vague gives us a glimpse into the soul of the artist. The GOAT says it best: "A lot of techno draws from dystopian imagery and art concepts and things. I just wanted it to sound human. Nothing about it is pretty. And a lot of it will have frailty to it. It reflects how delicate we are as humans in life. But also how fickle people can be towards each other. This music on The Details Are Vague didn't come from an easy place. These last few years were very emotionally taxing and there was a lot of uncertainty with it. As we all went through it, I felt like I wanted to tap into that. I wanted the unease of this past year to live inside the music." The release of 'The Details Are Vague’ out this Friday on Groundwerk Recordings with preview available on Beatport: Then we play the latest from ABE VAN DAM out on RED CHANNEL RECORDS out of Montreal. 'Nocturnal' gets down to business with a stripped back, yet energetic beat that rides over a warm, pumping sub groove and uplifting cosmic riffs, grab yours here: Then we have Coach with some very good advice and a banger title track on this 2 tracker EP coming up next called ‘Do What Makes You’ out on Red Eclipse Recordings, check out this goose bump worth production: Then we head into the mix Cesar Bass Romero as SIMPLY CITY who is joining DEEPAR this FRIDAY for the 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of SAHRA a Deep Themed Electronic music party at CITY AT NIGHT, things get started at 10PM and goes until 2AM, grab your advance tickets here: Capping of the show with DEEPAR your host for SAHRA this Friday at City at Night :)
Rooms and Doors
Organs without Bodies - Organs without Bodies - EP - Low Noise Productions Canadian New
Textiles & Plastics (Original Mix)
The Goat - The Details Are Vague - Goundwerk Recordings Canadian New
Faith (Original Mix)
Abe Van Dam - Nocturnal - Red Channel Records Canadian New
Do What Makes You (Original Mix)
Coach - Do What Makes You - Red Eclipse Recordings
SIMPLY CITY (Natural Frequencies 2021)
DEEPAR (Magician on Duty 2022)
Interactive CKCU
Jason Skilz
Thanks for playing our experimental stuff too on Low Noise! Organs without bodies is a new duo based out of Vancouver.

2:40 PM, June 7th, 2022
Andrew Pakuts (host)
My pleasure Jason ! :)

8:52 PM, June 7th, 2022
Ryan “COACH”
Thanks so much, Andrew. Much love, grateful for the support.

1:18 PM, June 10th, 2022