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Lost In Bass
Tuesday November 16th, 2021 with T-23
Episode 289: THUNDER BITCH

Starting out the show with some new material from SAMUEL ECHO the new moniker of ABE VAN DAM that makes use of his own vocals: Samuel Echo SOCIAL: MUSIC: Then we managed an advance copy of the new RETURN OF THE JADED ahead of his release called 'WAY I FEEL' on NORA EN PURE's PURIFIED RECORDS this FRIDAY: Return of the Jaded PREBUY: Then we play a dedication to our local progressive scene headed up by ALAIN M. who not only is a musical contributor to our show but also a supporter during our time of need, Thank you so much for your support and do check out his podcast 'OTTAWA PROG VIBES' and be sure see him at EXPEDITIONS this Saturday along with Steve Finney at LIVE at Elgin: ALAIN M. - Ottawa Prog Vibes Check out Strange Town Recordings a Montreal Label headed up by Bryan Wolfear who curates and released this EP called 'Atlantis Flower' by Raph-EL and Carston Halm charting at 39 on the Progressive Release charts this week:
Samuel Echo - Do You Even Know Me Canadian New
Do You Even Know Me (Original Mix)
Samuel Echo - Do You Even Know Me Canadian New
Way I Feel (Original Mix)
Return of the Jaded, Ryan Murgatroyd - Way I Feel - Purified Records Canadian New
Atlantis Flower (Original Mix)
Rafa'EL, Carsten Halm - Atlantis Flower - Strange Town Recordings Canadian New
THUNDER BITCH (Deep and Tribal Excursion Mix)
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