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Lost In Bass
Tuesday November 2nd, 2021 with T-23

Starting out this show with some gratitude for those who've already contributed ! Thank you so much and keep the donations coming, we can't do this without you the listeners: Kicking things off is BRUNCH who we've featured as RILEY B. the founder of the Carleton University House and Techno Music Club who's been spending time in the studio with his debut release out this week on the MUSIC.ART.PPL label and it is magnificent: DJ Brunch Then we always like to have Anthony Poteat & Carlbeats [NY] on who are early supporters of this show and without their early help behind the scenes we would not be where we are today at Lost In Bass. Thank you Carl and Anthony who've released this amazing 2 Tracker EP out this week called Release Me: Anthony Poteat & CarlBeats EP Next we feature the latest from DEMUIR a brilliant Producer, Promoter, DJ and Mentor who we've had on the show for a great interview, check out previously aired episodes to listen in to his musical journey or sub to his Patreon to get access to him, exclusive tracks, mixes and even advice for your own productions: Demuir Then we couldn't pass on this cheeky bootleg of a certain South Korean Netflix serial theme song called The Squid from Jeff Dougler & Balu who've released it on their very own Ottawa based Jack'in House label Pozativ Music: Jeff Dougler & Balu And the title track from a 4 tracker out of Tehran from our very own Golbon who I hope is able to visit her second home in Ottawa soon ! This is Snow Sword out this week: Golbon Motaji Snow Sword Then we head off into the mist with DAVE STARKS who I'm always delightfully running into behind the decks lately at CITY at NIGHT and the FRAMEWORK Festival earlier this summer. Check him out and stay tuned in the last hour for some new sounds from an artist we've featured many times before who's changed his main moniker to ZEN STATE. Enjoy !
Apparatus (Original Mix)
Brunch (DJ) - Apparatus - Music.Art.PPL Canadian New
Real Pain (Original Mix)
CarlBeats, Anthony Poteat - Release Me - Offline Recordings New
Can't Stop Da Real (Original Mix)
Demuir - On Dat Soul - Origins RCRDS Canadian New
The Squid (456 Mix)
Jeff Dougler, Balu - The Squid - Pozativ Music Canadian New
Snow Sword (Original Mix)
Golbon Moltaji - Snow Sword - Neu Gravity New
DAVE STARKS (Exclusive Lost In Bass Mix)
ZEN STATE (Radio Debut Mix)
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