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Lost In Bass
Tuesday October 12th, 2021 with T-23
Episode 284: WAITING ROOM with DASA & EXXEL M

Starting out the show this week with an absolute beaut of a mix from DASA who is no stranger to the show, he is gracing the decks this Saturday night at CITY AT NIGHT for WAITING ROOM with RICK LAPLANTE and MAC for Mannie's Birthday Bash, things get started at 8PM and go till 1AM and YES Dancing is allowed *at your table/booth. MAC (Mannie's Bday), DASA, Rick Laplante: Then after a taste of whats happening this Saturday night we head down to Venezuela where we are joined by vetran DJ, Producer and Promoter EXXEL M who's provided the mix for the second half of the show this week, check out his top notch productions over here:
DASA (Lost In Bass Mix Oct 2021)
EXXEL M (And Now Mix Oct 2021)
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