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Lost In Bass
Tuesday May 25th, 2021 with T-23

Special episode featuring the sounds of what you can expect this Saturday May 29th for the 12 hour long online festival celebrating DRONE DAY in OTTAWA starting at noon: This live experimental music for the more cerebral listeners will enjoy our selections of natural drones starting out the show past the Heliosphere with music captured by Voyager 1 and arranged by CHEEZY NIRVOSA: Then we delve into the back catalogue of PAUL ANTHONY as EQUAL WAYS where he takes us on a trip through his drones: Then we head over into a longer excursion with INCARTA'95 who takes us on a soothing drone trip with a live performance ahead of his appearance at Ottawa Drone Day this coming Saturday. Then to cap it all off we have a high energy mix from MUNFELL in case you need a wake up call with some hard techno just for us, check out his massive techno back catalogue and like his label page on Facebook:
Cheesy Nirvosa - Ethereal Material
Mechanical Resonances
Golden Gate Bridge - Found Sounds
Hi Red Center (Original Mix)
Equal Ways - Lost In the Scheme of Things EP - Cosmetiq
Days Beyond Recall (Original Mix)
Equal Ways - Pressed Shadows EP - Cosmetiq
INCARTA'95 (Ottawa Drone Day)
MUNFELL (Hard Techno Energy Mix May 2021)
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