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Lost In Bass
Tuesday June 30th, 2020 with T-23

Filling out the show with the very talented MUSIC.ART.PPL DJ and Producer collective who encourging artist's to share and collaborate with each other. Providing a space where artist's from different backgrounds can come together and create a special experience in a safe environment. Music.Art.Ppl's efforts are equally focused on curating a unique musical and visual experience. And this Saturday they are curating the closing finale of the OTTAWA FRINGE FESTIVAL who have online events all week culminating in a crescendo of proggie goodness this Saturday night. Check out all of the great online events at: Music.Art.Ppl JFUN PITHRA DJ NIKOLI
JFUN (Music.ART.PPL Fringe Fest Promo Set)
PITHRA B2B DJ NIKOLAI (Music.ART.PPL Fringe Fest Takeover Set)
Interactive CKCU