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Lost In Bass
Tuesday April 14th, 2020 with T-23
Episode 223: TECHNO with VIRL & ADN MUTANT

Starting things out with some new tracks from ADN MUTANT and ABE VAN DAM who are thankfully releasing great new music in the midst of this unique time in our lives, check out his Bandcamp page to grab unique tracks for your sets: And ADN MUTANT WORLD for great tracks for your tech sets: Then we have mixes from VIRL of HELIX Productions who have put together this set to keep us going through this lockdown and they regularly broadcast on twitch on Tuesdays and sometimes on Friday and Saturday:
This Room (Original Mix)
Adn Mutant - V.A Medellin Music Week 2020 - Adn Mutant World Canadian New
Imagination Cost (Original Mix)
Abe Van Dam - Imagination Cost Canadian New
VIRL (Live Twitch Mix)
ADN MUTANT (Tech Lost In Bass Mix)
Interactive CKCU