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Lost In Bass
Tuesday March 5th, 2019 with T-23
Episode 172: WHEREHAUS with JACSEEN and NILES BAXTER ahead of ANNA

Starting out the show with with some new releases for Tony Romanello's RED CHANNEL Recordings in Montreal and something from ANNA from HOTFLUSH Recordings released earlier this year. We start things DEEP with JACSSEN ahead of his appearance this FRIDAY at MERCURY LOUNGE with one of my favorite party crews for WHEREHAUS & FREINDS: Then we get a little darker and harder with NILES BAXTER ahead of his performance this THURSDAY for a bonkers techno party featuring ANNA at CITY AT NIGHT:
Floor Sweeper (Original Mix)
NoOneKnown - Tech Gruv - Red Channel Records New
Extinct (ANNA Remix)
SCB - Caibu - Hotflush Recordings New
JACSSEN (Wherehaus & Friends Mix)
NILES BAXTER (Live Set Reconstruction at Newspeak)
Interactive CKCU
Yay I'm 15yrs old again at 12:30 ay em !! lada-dee-lada-daaaa

12:27 AM, March 5th, 2019
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Good to hear we’re bringing you back BidDaddy !

2:31 AM, March 5th, 2019
Johnny b
Excellent lucky man That's one place iwant to visit Luv the music too

7:20 PM, March 11th, 2019