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Lost In Bass
Tuesday January 22nd, 2019 with T-23

Kicking things off with a classic from DJ Chus ahead of his appearance as Chus & Cebellos this Friday at CITY AT NIGHT: Then we get into some techno from UPPER REGIONS with some pre-release material from his upcoming EP on Spliced Vinyl Recordings out of Toronto. We had the pleasure to catch him along with the LOW NOISE PRODUCTIONS crew and they are throwing a similar event this SATURDAY at POUR BOY called SYNTHETIC DREAMS: Then we are into some Deep and Mindful selections from MATT J. DUB ahead of the return of PAOLO ROCCO at MERCURY LOUNGE next Friday Feb 1st with myself T-23 for RAW MOMENTS: Then we are in for some seriously good Jungle DnB from MARCUS VISIONARY ahead of JUNGLE LOVE 2.0 this FRIDAY at MERCURY LOUNGE:
That Feeling (Chus Mucho Drums Mix)
DJ Chus - DJ Chus Presents The Groove Foundation - Defected Records
Passive X
Upper Regions - Nectar Cube and Passive X - Spliced Vinyl Recordings Canadian New
MATT J. DUB (February Mix)
MARCUS VISIONARY (09-12-18 Kool London)
Interactive CKCU