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Lost In Bass
Tuesday August 7th, 2018 with T-23

Whew ! what a weekend and this one is going to be a doozy as well, starting off with something from the always dreamy Öona Dahl before City At Night : Cityscape Sessions this Friday: Then a track from young techno guru THOMAS VON PARTY before his appearance on the TERRACE at KINKI this SUNDAY starting at 4PM and going until midnight++: Then we are into the mix with the ever faithful CARLBEATS and Montreals Techno guru TONY ROMANELLO ahead of the BELIEVE album release party next weekend at PRIVATE PARTY in Brooklyn:
What May Come (Oona Dahl remix)
Sweet Anomaly & Dugong - Dead Man Rising - Occultists
Pygmy Funk (Original Mix)
Von Party - New Jack Tribal - Turbo Recordings Canadian
CARLBEATS (Exclusive Believe Mix)
TONY ROMANELLO (Exclusive Lost In Bass Mix)
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