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Lost In Bass
Tuesday August 15th, 2017 with T-23
Episode 91: Music.Art.PPL presents THRID SON (UK), CARLBEATS, EXXEL M, & ALUKKA

Starting out with some a track from BRIAN CID who is serving some DEEP THERAPY in a WAREHOUSE this weekend: Then we are off to ALWEEZGROOVEN Welness Festival this weekend with something new from ANDRE & MICHELE: This festival looks like alot of fun and I can hardly wait to play some appropriate music for the House and Techno stage late Saturday night. There is always alot that goes into this festival, diverse programming and amazing over the top decorations including a psychedelic forest and chill out zones. Then our trusty residents provide us with three amazing mixes first from CARLBEATS who will be joining me at the next LOST IN BASS event at the Mercury Lounge along with a soon to be announced international headliner.
Fist Full of Quarters
André et Michèle - Alternative Tracks Canadian New
Pitch Black
Brian Cid - Pitch Black EP - Knee Deep In Sound
Midnight Nostalgy
Religius Order - New Democracy - Low Noise Productions New
THIRD SON (Deep Decoded Mix)
ALUKKA (The After Dose Mix)
EXXEL (Bring Those Drums)
JB(x) - RhineDrone New
JB(x) - MatrixDrone New
Interactive CKCU
Jason Skilz
Thanks for playing the new Low Noise release! Religius Order from Italy

2:11 AM, August 15th, 2017
Andrew Pakuts (host)
My Pleasure J ! Thank you for the music :)

2:42 AM, August 15th, 2017
Elorious Cain
Sounding just amazing!

3:37 AM, August 15th, 2017
Shelley Ann Morris
Good Morning T-23, I'm wide awake and listening in--getting ready for WTMW!

5:18 AM, August 15th, 2017
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Thanks Elorious ! So happy to have you tuning in :D

8:20 AM, August 15th, 2017
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Hi Shelley, have a great show and hope you caught some of the ambient synthwork of JB(x) !

8:22 AM, August 15th, 2017
André et Michèle
Thx for playing us! Timeslot correction: we're on Saturday afternoon now :)

10:01 AM, August 15th, 2017
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Thanks André et Michèle ! Good to know :)

10:20 AM, August 15th, 2017
Another terrific show here!! Listening to the playback now & such great sets by everyone.... & of course huge thanks to host T-23 & CKCUFM for keeping the vibe alive.

10:25 AM, August 15th, 2017
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Thanks Carl ! .. you set is Fire :)

10:11 PM, August 19th, 2017