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Lost In Bass
Tuesday January 10th, 2017 with T-23
Episode 60: 300 Hours OnAIR with a DEEP THERAPY takeover with SERGIO PARI vs ALI HARB and DARKER SOUNDS with HEFTY (UK)

We start off in Ottawa with some tracks featuring SERGIO PARI, T-23 and ANTHONY POTEAT with a track on VORTEX RECORDINGS called JUNGLE. More from JASON SKILZ and his label SPINS AND NEEDLES with their WINTER SAMPLER 2016, and some EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED material from CARLBEATS, NUNO BESSA and MADAM MARVELOUS. Then we head into an Epic 2 hour mix with the DOCTORS of the DEEP Sergio Pari and Ali Harb before their next DEEP THERAPY event this Saturday at Mercury Lounge: FACEBOOK.COM/EVENTS/786098188222240/ Check out DEEP THERAPYs website for the REDUCED list at: MYDEEPTHERAPY.COM Check out SPINS AND NEEDLES on Bandcamp over here: SPINSANDNEEDLES.BANDCAMP.COM HEFTY (UK) label DARKER SOUNDS at: DARKERSOUNDS.BANDCAMP.COM The mysterious event in Montreal for HEFTY's Canadian debut in MTL over hear: FACEBOOK.COM/EVENTS/1801944890072083/ Check out LIVE Ambient Electronica on Friday the 13th over here: FACEBOOK.COM/EVENTS/750209095130036/
All Of Me (Sergio Pari Remix)
7even - All Of Me - LW Recordings Canadian New
Jungle feat. Anthony Poteat (T-23 Remix)
CarlBeats - Jungle - Vortex Recordings Canadian New
Driving Me Crazy
Scott Morter - Spins Winter Sampler 2016 - Spins & Needles Canadian New
Snuff Film
Hefty - Studio Berlin Vol. 1 - High Pro-File Recordings New
Intro Out There
Nuno Bessa - Unreleased New
Hazy Montagne Mystique - Les Vacances Psychédéliques - Never Anything Records Canadian New
Da Party Was Jumpin! feat. Madam Marvelous
CarlBeats - Unreleased New
SERGIO PARI B2B ALI HARB (Deep Therapy Halloween Mix)
HEFTY (Darker Sounds Podcast Mix)
Hazy Montagne Mystique (Les Vacances Psychédéliques Album Mix)
Forget Us (If We Don't Find You)
Big River Dream - Isolationist - Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Elorious Cain
Great show as always!

3:07 AM, January 10th, 2017
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi T-23, Congrats on making the top 25 most listened to songs on demand--way to go. This is very interesting and lovely music that's playing right now. Yes House of Targ is a great venue--the dictation software I use on my phone (Voiceover) calls it 'House of Target' which usually gets a laugh out of anyone receiving my texts. LOVE the potato-kale perogies!

5:56 AM, January 10th, 2017
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Thanks so much Elorious ! Whenever I am at a loss for inspiration I do tune into The Groove to fuel my muse :). Glad to hear your tuning in and Happy New Year !

8:43 AM, January 10th, 2017
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Yay Shelley ! It's glad you like the sound scapes presented by Hazy Montagne Mystique and have a great show today :)

8:46 AM, January 10th, 2017
Hi T-23, enjoy the show brother. I was wondering if I could donate some track to your show? EPIC Ambient is my style.

1:51 PM, January 16th, 2017
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Hi Jacob, for sure .. send me a link with a PM to our page on Facebook :)

7:04 PM, January 16th, 2017