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Lost In Bass
Tuesday August 16th, 2016 with T-23
Episode 39: GO HARD EARLY with TEKNOIZE, CARLBEATS, DANNY ESPINAL, SYVYL and Experimental Ambient with WIKLOW

Tonight we are starting out HARD with an almost complete NY takeover, TEKNOIZE (NY) is joining us with CARLBEATS (NY), and then DANNY ESPINAL (NY) on the heals of his Output appearance last week followed by our very own DJ SYVYL and to calm us all down after that we’ve got some experimental ambient music from WIKLOW (MTL) with his new EP 'Sleep Variations'.
TEKNOIZE (NY) Tech Heavy Guest Mix
CARLBEATS (NY) Anger Banger Guest Mix
DANNY ESPINAL (NY) House Guest Mix
SYVYL (OTT) Deep House Guest Mix
WIKLOW 'Sleep Transitions' EP
Interactive CKCU
Elorious Cain
Just sounding amazing!

3:50 AM, August 16th, 2016
Hi T-23, Tuned in and enjoying the show as always!

6:00 AM, August 16th, 2016
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Thanks Elorious ! Those are the sounds of CarlBeats .. Always a next level mix from him :)

9:53 AM, August 16th, 2016
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Hey Shelley ! Glad to hear your tuning in :)

9:54 AM, August 16th, 2016
Stephane Chouinard
Awesome as always!

12:31 PM, August 19th, 2016