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The Filibuster
Monday January 4th, 2021 with Ben James, Brendan McLoughlin
Happy New Year!

Starting the new year off the right way. Discussing all Canadian news stories this morning with Communications Consultant, Barry McLoughlin. Retraction: Discussing current air travel rules, Brendan pointed out the unclear wording a few news outlets used which led to some confusion. The current rules are one must provide a negative covid-19 from three days prior to travelling... overall the FIlibuster does not recommend recreational air travel during a stage 1 lockdown in Ontario.
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Sir J. A. MacDunold
luv this show! you guys are good. Happy new Year! 🍾

9:34 AM, January 4th, 2021
100 % fall or spring election. Issue: Love vs Hate...totally emotional. Totally Tribal. Luv better Win! Back to the 60's!

10:00 AM, January 4th, 2021
T'was I Justin, I would'a said (10 f'n mths ago!) to staff, " Get me the Top 2 Ad Exs who like each other in my Office at 9 demain! "The Medium IS the message and I'm the Medium!"

10:35 AM, January 4th, 2021