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The Filibuster
Monday September 7th, 2020 with Jon Falcone and Ben James
Interview with Medical Health Officer for Ottawa Public Health Dr. Vera Etches.

Jon sits down with Dr. Vera Etches to discuss the state of COVID-19 in Ottawa.
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Mike J.
I thought this was Canada. I'm sure Donald Trump is e tertaining in many ways and "Sleepy-Joe" are pretty funny. Especially while being turned into verbal caracatures, as you all do eh? Except for, I'm not hearing much about Canada's politics. Being Canadian I'd rather know what's going on in the senate, an equal joke to Trump. As well as what laws they're passing or not, as well as. New legislation brought to the House of Commons. In my opinion. I believe Canadian's would prefer know what rights they're losing or gaining at any given moment. It'd especially be nice to know these things while Canadian's still have time to voice their opinions about these decisions, being a "Democratic' society, people should be given the time to take in these sessions on the horizon and we all should have a personal decision toward issues that concern is. The fact that it's called illegal to voice an opinion in a group on the hill. That sime fact paints a crystal clear portrait of just how free us Canucks really are

10:31 AM, September 14th, 2020
Brendan McLoughlin (host)
Well mike as much as we love your participation. This doesn’t really give us more to go on. There is inaccuracies with your comment. I find is strange that your comment is here when this interview with Dr. Vera Etches. This episode does contain Canadian content. I think you missed the mark.

1:30 PM, February 3rd, 2021