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The Filibuster
Monday February 26th, 2018 with Michael O'Keefe and Joshua Robert Bateman

Michael and Joshua perform a coup d'etat once again on 'The Filibuster,' playing an orchestral movie sound track set. It's good stuff and you'll enjoy it.
Main and End Title
Howard Shore - The Brood Original Soundtrack Canadian
Main Title
Howard Shore - The Fly Original Soundtrack Canadian
Main Title and Public Scanning
Howard Shore - Scanners Original Soundtrack Canadian
Long Live the New Flesh
Howard Shore - Videodrome Soundtrack Canadian
Dead Ringers Main Titles
Howard Shore - Dead Ringers Soundtrack Canadian
M. Butterfly Main Titles
Howard Shore - M. Butterfly Original Soundtrack Canadian
Vertigo Theme
Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo Original Soundtrack
Cape Fear Main Theme
Bernard Herrmann - Cape Fear Original Soundtrack
JFK Finale
John Williams - JFK Soundtrack
The Fury Epilogue
John Williams - The Fury Original Soundtrack
The Middle of The World
Nicholas Britell - Moonlight Original Soundtrack
As Close to Hell
Joseph Bishara - The Conjuring 2 Soundtrack
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