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The Filibuster
Monday February 5th, 2018 with Michael O'Keefe and Joshua Robert Bateman
Movie Mondays Continued

With Ben and Brendan both unavailable the Movie Mondays duo swoops in to deliver a whole hour of movie music. With great selections from sleezy exploitation, a disci remix, blaxplotation, poliziotteschi, kung fu and yakuza films you're in for an exciting time.
Main Theme
The Bostweeds - Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill!
Main Theme
Gary Stockdale - Savage Beach Soundtrack
Toxic Avenger
Scott Casey - Toxic Avenger Original Soundtrack
Guardians Inferno
The Sneepers ft. David Hasselhoff - Gaurdians of the Galaxy vol.2 Soundtrack
Exercise Run
Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson - The Education of Sonny Carson
Mother's Theme (Mama)
Willie Hutch - The Mack
Contraband Main Theme
Fabio Frizzi - Contraband Soundtrack
Milano Calibro 9 Theme
Luis Bacalov - Malino Calibro 9
House of Traps Theme Song
Eddie H. Wang - House of Traps
Main Theme
Frankie Chan - The Brave Archer 2 Soundtrack
Yakuza Papers Theme
Toshiaki Tsushima - Yakuza Papers
Koji Endo - Dead or Alive
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