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Turn Up The Radio

Turn Up The Radio
Monday October 22nd, 2012 with Neal Johnstone
chris ikonomopoulos

Funky Funding Drive Monday. Record Show finds!
Funky Bee bop
Vin Zee - 45rpm - mantra
Kung Fu Man
Ultrafunk - 45rpm - contempo
ce soir
Beauregard Volletti ste claire - 45rpm - cbs Canadian
Sending money
Brother - 45rpm - Nimbus 9 Canadian
Everybody's got a part to play
Symtec & Wylie - 45rpm - Mistor Chand
Grab It
Olympic Runners - 45rpm - London
Express Yourself
Charles Wright and the 103rd Street Rhythm Band - 45rpm - Warner
Do Something nice today
Pete Scofield & his Canadians - 45rpm - PS Records