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Off The Charts
Monday April 15th, 2024 with Chris Ikonomopoulos
Musical Mixed Bag

Hank Beth
Dandruff Deluxe - Deal With The Devil - 1996 - Crippled Dick / Hot Wax
Alfredo Martinez - Shipwrecked On A Tropical Island - 2022 - Jazzman
Lover You Speak Beautiful Words
Nalleya Savimathe - The South Indian Film Music Of Vijaya Anand - 1992 - Luaka Bop
Gyodu Blay - Ambolley - 1982 - WEA International / 2019 - Mr. Bongo
Strut Dust To Dust
Cloud One - Atmospheric - 1976 - P&P
Big Tweed
The Electric Peanut Butter Co. - Trans Atlantic Psych Classics - 2013 - Ubiquity
Ghost Funk Orchestra - A New Kind Of Love - 2022 - Karma Chief
Something For Nothing
Carl Bean and Universal Love - Bless The People Everywhere| Gospel Funk of Peacock & Songbird - 2016 - PlayBack
Attack Of The Name Game
Stacey Lattisaw - Sneakin' Out - 1982 - Cotillion
Rap Your Own Roxanne
Roxanne - The Complete Story of Roxanne The Album - 1985 - Compleat
Slack (Funhouse Mix)
Slack - 12" - 1984 - Streetwise
The Message (TBGREMIX)
Tall Black Guy - - 2014 - independent release
Interactive CKCU
Neil & The Dancing Labrador
Good morning, Chris. I couldn't wait to hear it for the first time so I pulled it up and absolutely Monday music.....loved Cloud One, Strut Dust to Dust!

12:30 PM, April 15th, 2024
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
N&DL, you're here before the show even starts! Full disclosure, I'm not live in the booth this week so posted the pre-recorded show in advance of the 4PM air time. Enjoy the tunes.

4:03 PM, April 15th, 2024
Neil & DL
Whoa ho ho...........Tabu is very very groovy, man!!

4:10 PM, April 15th, 2024
Neil & DL
I figured, bud; I think you even advised us some time back. I was pleasantly surprised to see you "chirping in" over the past week. I just want your feedback on record in case you get bored enough to read my drivel lmfao. You already know I'm gonna soak up anything you put "out in the feeder"

4:15 PM, April 15th, 2024
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Tabu aims to groove, Neil. Yes, I'm away from the booth and far far out of city limits. Sneaking into the chat, but touch and go. If all goes well I'll be back for next week's show. As for music/record info, I always try to keep time for that!

4:19 PM, April 15th, 2024
N & DL
Thx for the Stacey Lattisaw Any Tom Tom groove rocks my world. .I could watch Tina doing her "crab dance" in the Stop Making Sense movie on repeat. I have almost ruined my original DVD copy which I will put on anytime I ask someone if they have seen it haha.. I have already pushed "play" before they answer. Never had a complaint yet!!

4:45 PM, April 15th, 2024
N & DL
Keep on truckin'........enjoy your journey. You've been taking good care of us while you've been away!!!

4:51 PM, April 15th, 2024
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Thanks for head nodding along N&DL and all. Let's meet up again next week!

4:59 PM, April 15th, 2024
robert p in gatineau
80s... love to see robots gettin' down... Thanks.

12:41 AM, April 16th, 2024
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
hey robert. Totally agree! Totally agree. Thanks for grooving along!

11:13 AM, April 16th, 2024
robert p in gatineau
the idea for the words came from you, expressed on a previous show... thanks for doing what you do !

7:54 PM, April 16th, 2024
robert p in gatineau
your words...

12:06 AM, April 18th, 2024
robert p in gatineau
appropriation of voice... shameful...

1:14 AM, April 20th, 2024