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Off The Charts
Monday May 16th, 2022 with Chris Ikonomopoulos
Punk + Noisy + Disco

Second Still
Modern Eon - Fiction Tales - 1981 - DinDisc
Midget Submarine
Swell Maps - A Trip To Marineville - 1979 - Mute
The 99s
Dead Moon - Dead Ahead - 2004 - Tombstone
Just Looking
Strange Attractor - 7" - 2010 - FDH Records Canadian
Graveyard Train
Countdown To Chaos - 7" - 1995 - self released
Steel Pole Bathtub - 7" - 1992 - Boner Records
Sit & Spin
8 Bark - 7" EP - The Big Wheel - 1991 - Underdog Records
Erotic Soul
Larry Page Ork - 12" - 1976 - Penny Farthings
Can't Shake The Feeling
The Beck Family - 12" - 1979 - Le Joint
Turn My World Back Around
Eddie Horan - 12" - 1978 - T.K. Disco
We Like To Party...Come On
Switch - 12" - 1978 - Motown
Rap-o Clap-o [instrumental]
Joe Bataan - 12" - 1979 - Salsoul
You've Got Me Dancing
Frisky - 12" - 1979 - Vangaurd
Party Down
Unyque - 12" - 1979 - DJM Records
Interactive CKCU
Heavy Ben
Question: are you an actual live radio announcer?

4:03 PM, May 16th, 2022
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Heavy Ben, live in the CKCU Studio!!

4:05 PM, May 16th, 2022
Heavy Ben
Been listening to Swell Maps around the house the past month after having not done so for ages. Great band.

4:09 PM, May 16th, 2022
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)

4:14 PM, May 16th, 2022
mike p
nice inclusion of the dead moon

4:42 PM, May 16th, 2022
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Glad you dug that mike p. Thanks for tuning in.

4:45 PM, May 16th, 2022
agreed bout Nikki too ben thanks Chris! digging disco too

4:46 PM, May 16th, 2022
robert p in gatineau
Thanks !

4:52 PM, May 16th, 2022
Jas Nasty
Fun show!

4:54 PM, May 16th, 2022
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
robert! thought you might be into these disco sounds! thanks for tuning in.

4:54 PM, May 16th, 2022
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Thanks for listening Jas!

4:56 PM, May 16th, 2022
I like pretty much everything you play. I grew up with disco, going to dances in 1972, then 1975 in discos. I didn't really go for the flash. Stopped going, as i progressed in school. That took precedence. When i went to uni in MTL, 1978, it was new wave going strong. I was listening to and finding out about jazz. Then, later, it was punk and "alternative" rock in the 80s. Free jazz. I didn't hear hip hop until 1989, and i didn't know that "Thriller" existed. Was in a parallel universe. Political activism, a mild variation. Today, i am catching up, electro, 80s house. Everything i missed out on. Because it would have been judged too commercial... It's not like that anymore. Thanks for what you do !

6:09 PM, May 16th, 2022
robert p in gatineau
We used to listen to Swell Maps...

6:11 PM, May 16th, 2022
robert p in gatineau
Jane in Occupied Europe...

6:12 PM, May 16th, 2022
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Obviously the path of a life-long music lover robert! Thanks for being open to all the different sounds on this program. More to come in the times ahead!

6:42 PM, May 16th, 2022
We like to party, shaker and all that!

12:08 AM, May 17th, 2022
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
It's all that!!

12:16 AM, May 17th, 2022