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Off The Charts
Monday May 24th, 2021 with Chris Ikonomopoulos
Live Recordings + Blues + Folk + More

Sugar In My Bowl
Nina Simone - It Is Finished - 1974 - RCA
Neighborhood Man
Mark-Almond - ‘73 - 1973 - CBS
Les McCann - Live At Montreux - 1973 - Atlantic
Reverberi - Timer - 1976 - PA USA
A Sheep Out On The Foam
John Lee Hooker - Endless Boogie - 1971 - ABC
Humming Blues
Johnny Brin Trio - On The Road Again | An Anthology Of Chicago Blues 1947 to 1954 - 1971 - Muskadine
Get Back Satan
Rev. Roger L. Worthy & His Sister Bonnie - Last Time Around - 2011 - Mississippi/Change Records
Brother, Where Are You
Leon Bibb - Foment. Ferment. Free...Free - 1969 - RCA
You're Fortunate
Keith Jarrett - Restoration Ruin - 1968 - Vortex
We Gotta Get It All Together
Jimmy Namaro - We Gotta Get It All Together - 1972 - Quality Canadian
Red Yellow Moonbeams
The Stark Reality - Acting, Thinking Feeling - 2013 - Now-Again Records
Interactive CKCU
Enjoying the show, I turned it up!

4:29 PM, May 24th, 2021
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Right on t_al_z. Thanks for following the suggestion.

4:31 PM, May 24th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
Thanks for the music. I had that Reverberi LP when it came out. Good selection of tunes. I am going to look up the Johnny Brin Trio. Cool guitar.

4:57 PM, May 24th, 2021
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Hi robert. Fun to know you had that Reverberi LP. When you check out the Johnny Brin Trio, check out the Mississippi label as well if you’re not familiar. See you all next week!

5:01 PM, May 24th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
OK. I listened back on demand. On the Muskedine LP, it is listed as the John Brim Trio. I recognized Sunnyland Slim when it was playing. The cool guitar is in fact the Rev. Roger L. Worthy. With the reverb, it sounds a bit like Pops Staples. Will see if i can find it. Thanks.

5:36 PM, May 24th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
OK. First summer job, 1973, i buy a sound system. Then,LPs. Stevie Wonder, War, Temptations, BT Express, but also Bowie and Alice Cooper, Nazareth. Alice Cooper really changed me. I turned away from rock, and started listening to pop jazz. Chicago, Deodato, Oregon, Nebu, and Reverberi. Aquarelle. I would later on, in MTL., only listen to jazz. Would listen to SRC radio (French CBC), jazz program every evening at 10h PM. 1978-1980. I met other people and they influenced what i listened to. Would get into punk rock, art rock and post rock, free jazz. 80s. I saw John Zorn in performance, solo, 1985, where we were 10 people in a circle around him. Before that i had seen Art Blakey and Jazz Messengers. Lots of bands. I briefly worked for the Montreal Jazz Festival, and i was able to keep my pass. I saw the World Saxophone Quartet, 1981, with Julius Hemphill. We would go to Victoriaville for the festival, musique actuelle. We traveled to Quebec City to see David Thomas with Tony Maimones, Lindsay Cooper and Chris Cutler. 1986. Fun times. Here, in the Outaouais region, i found CKCU in 1995 and have been listening ever since. Learned about blues and stuff. Listened to DJ Haze on CHUO-FM. D&B...Am now reading the book Bass Mids Tops, about UK sound system culture. Would recommend this book. Thanks to campus radio for all that i heard.

7:14 PM, May 24th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
Not post rock, post punk...

7:15 PM, May 24th, 2021
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Thanks for the musical overview robert. Always interesting to hear how people come to various genres and sounds. Puts some of your previous comments into musical perspective - from Fonda Rae to Source Direct... and those might even be considered that different as they're both "dance music". I was a regular listener to Future Rhythms with DJ Haze as well. Glad to hear that community radio and CKCU has been a regular part of your listening! Let's meet back here next Monday for more music.

8:14 PM, May 24th, 2021
Heavy Ben
Heard the first half in the car this aft. Catching up now. There are some gems on those early Mark-Almond LPs!

9:54 PM, May 24th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
I didn't really get it, when i listened to DJ Haze. It takes a while to build the emotional connection. When i got the Internet, i listened to Fabio and Grooverider, Bailey and Krissy Kris on the BBC. That immersion really made it real. 3 hours at a time. Thanks for the program.

10:26 PM, May 24th, 2021
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Thanks for finishing the listen H.B. Big Mark-Almond band fan over here!

11:30 PM, May 24th, 2021
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Certainly several different ways to enter into drumnbass and jungle. It's not a simple genre. CKCU Fun Fact: I hosted one of the station's many Friday Night d'n'b / jungle shows in the early 2000s. Fun'er Fact: The Deep Blue's VH3 hosted the first Jungle overnighter show on CKCU.

12:06 AM, May 25th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
I remember listening to it. Was impressed by the DJ's love for the music.

9:55 AM, May 25th, 2021