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Off The Charts
Monday December 9th, 2019 with Chris Ikonomopoulos
!! 60 minutes of ( ( (Drum'n'Bass) ) )

All Drum'n'Bass hour! Lots of (non-ragga) vocals and tracks on the jazzy'er end of the d'n'b spectrum... for the first half at least. Bass test in effect! Amen breaks plenty.
Escape That
4Hero - Two Pages - Talkin' Loud
Off The Edge
Jaz Klash - Thru The Haze - Cup Of Tea Records
More Rockers - Selection 2 - More Rockers
Kairo (Subtropic Absolute Black remix)
Spacetime Continuum - rEMIT rECAPS - Astralwerks
Peshay - Miles From Home - Blue Island
Roll The Dice
Shy FX w/ Stamina MC and Lily Allen - [single] - Cult.ure
Your Sound
J Majik - Platinum Breakz - Metalheadz
Back 2 Life
J.B. - 12" - Back 2 Basics
A Subtle Blend
Plug - Drum'n'Bass for Papa - Blue Angel Records
Anything Test
Pure - 12" - Suburban Base
Tony Jungle - Yonder EP - UK-Jungle
Interactive CKCU
Jas Nasty
Sounding awesome

4:27 PM, December 9th, 2019
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
I don't understand why I haven't gotten tired of drum'n'bass after close to 25 years of listening to it! Glad it sounds good to you too!

4:34 PM, December 9th, 2019
Super fun show today.

4:55 PM, December 9th, 2019
djembe gl

4:56 PM, December 9th, 2019
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Thanks for enjoying it and writing in! Was fun in the studio as well!

5:01 PM, December 9th, 2019