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Monday May 20th, 2019 with Chris Ikonomopoulos

Freedom Jazz Dance
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Second Wind - 1972 - RCA
Burin' Coal
Les McCann - Much Les - 1969 - Atlantic
Kwame Nkrumah - The Ninth Son - 1969 - Columbia
Frankincense & Myrrh
Kelan Philip Cohran & The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - S/T - 2012 - Honest Jon's Records
We Rap More Mellow
The Younger Generation - The Disco Jams - 1979 - Brass Records / Tuff City
The Breaks [Instrumental]
Kurtis Blow - 12" - 1980 - Mercury
Tell Me That I'm Dreaming
Was (Not Was) - 12" - 1982 - Ze / Island
In Your Face
Freestyle - 12" - 1989 - Pandisc / Ultimix
Star Search [Instrumental]
Micro Wave - 12" - 1987 - Columbia
Interactive CKCU
"Freedom Jazz Dance"!!!!!!! Eddie Harris me-thinks, originally, covered by many. Or, Miles???

4:12 PM, May 20th, 2019
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Song credit on the label lists Auger and two others. Could the Oblivion Express version be the original?!?

4:15 PM, May 20th, 2019
CRAP! More happy homework... According to THE INTERNET... ;^? Looks like originally from Eddie Harris, 'The In Sound' (1965). MUSIC NERDS UNITE! Does anyone have a for-sure answer?! Anyhow, COOL TRACK.

4:34 PM, May 20th, 2019
PB ... again
Oh, think you just announced it while i was typing.. ;^)

4:36 PM, May 20th, 2019
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Musical Mystery. Took another at the record. Also lists a Harris which I guess would be Eddie. Perhaps Brian added his own name since it's not a straight cover? Does the original have vocals? Ligertwood also listed as a writer...

4:38 PM, May 20th, 2019
oh no, not pb again
Seems right. But yeah. Happy homework... Unless some mega-nerd chimes in and can inform us. (Professor Mike, are you out there?? ;^)

4:55 PM, May 20th, 2019