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Off The Charts
Monday July 9th, 2018 with Elly Laberge
An Elly Takeover featuring Music by Quebec-Based Artists

This week, Elly fills in for Chris International and plays an entire hour of music by Quebec-based artists, including Coeur de Pirate, Dave Chose, Corridor, Pierre Kwenders, Lydia Képinski and Random Recipe among others. Press play and turn up the volume!
Hook Bleu
Mon Doux Saigneur - Mon Doux Saigneur Canadian
Pizza congelé
Dave Chose - Dave Chose Canadian
Le grand écart
Corridor - Supermercado Canadian
More u give
Modlee - QUEENDOM Canadian
Coeur de Pirate - en cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé Canadian New
Larmes salées
Ariane Zita - J'espère que tu vas mieux Canadian New
Les apparences
Ariane Moffatt - Single Canadian
Jaser jaser
Fanny Bloom - Liqueur Canadian
Tuba Tuba
Pierre Kwenders - MAKANDA at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time Canadian
Pas Né
Obia Le Chef - Soufflette Canadian New
Fight The Feeling
Random Recipe - Distractions Canadian
Alright (feat. Valaire)
Ragers - Raw Footage Canadian New
Geoffroy - Single Canadian
Fille de personne II
Hubert Lenoir - Darlène Canadian
Lydia Képinski - Premier juin Canadian
Interactive CKCU