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Off The Charts
Monday July 11th, 2016 with Regis
Regis, filling in for Chris.

Bring em' war
Juju - Juju - Sunrise ocean bender
GRegory Raimo - A reverse age - Kemado records
Satori part 1
Flower Travellin' band - Satori - Phoenix records
Obur Dunya
Turkish Freakout 2 - Cem Karaca +Mogollar - Bouzouki joe records
Talk to God
Goat - Commune - Sub pop records
The pot head pixies
Gong - Radio Gnome Invisible part one - Virgin records
I've gotta be
Mamuthones - Mamuthones - Evil Blizzard split - Rocket records
Making flippy floppy
Talking heads - Speaking in tongues - Sire records
New York Town
Rick James - Cold blooded - Gordy records
Sunny afternoon
Josefine Ohrn +The liberation - Horse dance - Rocket records
Peyote Blues
Joy - Ride along ! - Tee Pee records
Headless state
Demian Castellos - The Kyvu tapes vol.1 - Hands in the dark records
Black saint
Witch - Witch - Tee Pee records
Interactive CKCU