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Off The Charts
Monday March 2nd, 2015 with Phil
Philling-in For Chris #1

The Songs We Knew Best
The Bonaduces - The Democracy Of Sleep Canadian
Dear Mr. Pop Star
The Dears - Nor The Dahlias: The Dears 1995-1998 Canadian
Cat Jam
The Ven Dreddies - (live recording) Canadian
I Am Everything You Need
Emmas Ringer - Generations Canadian
Have Faith In Me
Muffler Crunch - Little Things Canadian
Les Filles Sans Pepins
Les Secretaires Volantes - Eh? (compilation) Canadian
When I Write My Master's Thesis
John K. Samson - Provincial Canadian
Greatest Hits Collection
The Weakerthans - Fallow Canadian
The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band - Wanted Canadian
10 Minutes Away
Purple - Jupiter Canadian
Memories Through Photographs
Paper Moon - One thousand reasons to stay… one reason to leave. Canadian
Can't Get You Off My Mind
The Dead Bees - Dead Bees 2 Canadian
Sans Foulard - Silence EP Canadian
Salt Of The Earth
Dirty Sheep - Sleep Under The Lights Canadian
If I Make It Through This Winter
The Paperbacks - An Episode of Sparrows Canadian