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Loosely Connected
Wednesday August 21st, 2019 with PeterB
Ample music from all over the planet today. Mostly ALL from Canada!!

Mostly ALL CanCon today, from all over the Pan-Galactic Musical Map!! North, South, East, West, Vertical, Whatever… PLEASE hit us up on the Interactive Thingy (over there ==>). We'd love to hear from you!
Main Title Theme: Open Your Book
Kid Koala - Space Cadet: Original Still Picture Score Canadian
Starting the journey in the Far North.
Big Red Chair
Lucie Idlout - E5-770, My Mother's Name Canadian
Lucie Idlout - E5-770, My Mother's Name Canadian
Hit The Town (feat. White Deer & Adium)
Cody Coyote - Mamawi Canadian
Tanya Tagaq - Toothsayer - EP Canadian New
Local-ish heroes, part n !
General Strike [pre-release]
Souljazz Orchestra - Chaos Theories Canadian New
Nomadic Massive - The Big Band Theory Canadian
Lido Pimienta - La Papessa Canadian
She Embroiders Beneath The Roses
Turkwaz - Nazar Canadian
Amed Nesim-i (Ottoman Turkish/Persian)
Ventanas - Arrelumbre Canadian
Kiran Ahluwalia - 7 Billion Canadian
More on the experimental side. And Elmo can count to 11 in multiple languages too!
Jyu Hantai
Tamayugé - Baba Yaga Canadian
Your World Is My Mystery Gift
FET.NAT - Le Mal Canadian
H. de Heutz - The Natural World Canadian
Do The Donald Starring Tom Green (Official Music Video)
Tom Green - Internet Single ( Canadian
Autorickshaw - Meter Canadian
Exit stage left, with signs of things to come…
Black is Back
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble (Kahil El'Zabar) - Be Known Ancient/Future/Music New
Interactive CKCU