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Friday March 22nd, 2024 with Mimsey Demon
Preview of Camo Sessions - March Breaks, and Psychedelic Odyssey events! Marty McFly, Deedot, D Maniac, Clone604, and more! Breaks and Psytrance, and some new DnB too!

Tonight! Some new releases as well as tunes and mixes by the producers and DJs playing in town this weekend at Camo Sessions and Psychedelic Odyssey! Mixes by Marty McFly, Deedot, PRAI$E, and Clone604! This week's events - Friday - SOLSTICE - W/ RYAN SHEPHERD 10pm, City at Night, 222 Slater Street Saturday - CAMO Sessions - March Breaks w/ Marty McFly 9pm, Lounge 164, 164 Laurier Ave Psychedelic Odyssey 8pm, Mavericks, 221 Rideau Street White Rabbit: Brink, Manoli, Unkl Pauly 9pm, City at Night, 222 Slater Street
Ataris and Amens
Num3ric - Ataris and Amens Canadian New
Run The Breaks - Funketa New
Simple Souls - Deliquentes New
Le Pasquerodon - LV-420 New
Frannabik - Come Apart/Fingerz New
Run (Hated Remix)
Teddy Killerz & MC Spyda - Run (Hated Remix) New
Camo Sessions Teaser
PRAI$E - Camo Sessions Teaser Canadian New
Live In The Squirrel's Nest (Breaks Part)
Deedot - Live In The Squirrel's Nest Canadian
Jungle Warfare Radio
Marty McFly - Jungle Warfare Radio Canadian
Break Yo Neck (Quato Remix)
Quato - Break Yo Neck (Quato Remix) Canadian
Big Black Bird
D_Maniac - Obsessions
Electro Convulsive Therapy
D_Maniac - Obsessions
Full Moon Madness
D_Maniac - Obsessions
Criminal Geeks
D_Maniac - Obsessions
Particle Accelerator
Clone604 - Particle Accelerator Canadian
Interactive CKCU