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Friday January 26th, 2024 with Mimsey Demon
Classical Aesop Rock! Much Drum 'n Bass! Psytrance!

Tonight! Aesop Rock vs Bach! DnB mixes by Ghost Writer, Bear Demz, and Hungry T! New Sabretooth psytrance mix! This week's events - Friday - Friday Night DJs 9pm, Il Vicolo, 118 Clarence St SIGNAL11 - X-COAST 10pm, City At Night, 222 Slater Street FUNCTION 8pm, Lounge 164, 164 Laurier Ave W. Saturday - The Legend of ONE SOUND Tour - OTTAWA feat. RMS, HUNGRY T, BEAR DEMZ & More 9pm, Lounge 164, 164 Laurier Ave W. White Rabbit: Jerome Robins, Martin Villeneuve, Craig Leo 9pm, City at Night, 222 Slater Street Other Info - Please donate to Parrot Partners!
Abandon All Hope
non-a - Aesop Bach New
Mystery Fish
non-a - Aesop Bach New
Get Out of the Car
non-a - Aesop Bach New
The Gates
non-a - Aesop Bach New
None Shall Pass
non-a - Aesop Bach New
Narcotic Influence
X-Coast - Narcotic Influence
Tangled Thoughts Preview
Kelle - Tangled Thoughts Preview New
Bad Boy Sound
Hardsteppers - Bad Boy Sound Canadian New
23min Mini Mix!!!!
Ghostwriter - 23min Mini Mix!!!! Canadian New
Get The Fug Up
Bear Demz - Get The Fug Up Canadian
THE PROPHECY CIUT 895 June 9 2023
Hungry T - THE PROPHECY Canadian
Producer Mix Exclusive Set
Sabretooth - Producer Mix Exclusive Set New
Interactive CKCU