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Friday June 2nd, 2023 with Mimsey Demon
Halluci Nation! Mimsey Demon and Doc Savage mixes! New Akwa mix! Dubsteb, Drum n Bass, Industrial, EDM, Techno, and more!

Tonight! No talking due to tech issues, but much music! A few tunes and a mini mix by Halluci Nation, new Mauthe tune! New Akwa techno mix! Doc Savage's EDM/industrial set from April's Caustic Beats, Mimsey Demon's Death Disco set from March 2020! Events - Friday - INTERSECTION | HAMRO Bday + More 10pm, City at Night, 222 Slater Street Saturday The Halluci Nation x Fucked Up - Here's The Unity Tour 7pm, Bronson Center, 211 Bronson Street White Rabbit: Two Tones, Dashi b2b Akwa, Jovialjon 9pm, City at Night, 222 SLater Street Wax Mannequin (Record Launch) :: Jesse Dangerously :: Remi Royale :: The Kettle Black House of Targ, 9pm, 1077 Bank Street Tuesday Caustic Beats - Industrial with Doc Savage and Jason Skilz 8pm, Cafe Dekcuf, 221 Rideau Street upstairs
Get Fresh (Fresh Kils' Electrocrunk Embellishment)
Jesse Dangerously - Verba Volant Canadian
Rude Boy
Mauthe - Rude Boy Canadian New
Electric Pow Wow Mini Mix
The Halluci Nation - Electric Pow Wow Mini Mix Canadian
The OG (Dirty) ft. Romeo Saganash, Black Bear
The Halluci Nation - One More Saturday Night Canadian
The Halluci Nation & Fucked Up - Electroshock Canadian New
Caustic Beats April 2023
Doc Savage - Caustic Beats April 2023 Canadian New
Death Disco March 2020
Mimsey Demon - Death Disco March 2020 Canadian
Make Techno Cool Again
Akwa - Make Techno Cool Again Canadian New
Interactive CKCU