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Friday April 28th, 2023 with Mimsey Demon
Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Techno, and more! Some new tunes and mixes by Dallas Dee, CRaymak, Daveo Villa, and Mimsey!

Tonight! Some assorted new tunes! CRaymak Dubstep mix! Mimsey Demon multigenre mix! Dallas Dee DnB mix! Daveo Villa techno mix! News of a new radio show on CKCU! Events - Friday - INTERSECTION - CRaymak & more 10pm, City at Night, 222 Slater Street Saturday - School of Bass #64 9pm, Swizzles, 246B Queen Street White Rabbit: Rick Laplante, Daveo Villa, Oli West 9pm, City at Night, 222 Slater Street Ottawa Record Fair 2023 10am, Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre, 355 Cooper Street Tuesday - Caustic Beats - Industrial with Jason Skilz, Optional, and Brad McFeeters 8pm, Cafe Dekcuf, 221 Rideau Street upstairs New Radio show! - Night Shift with Sam, Sunday nights/Monday Mornings from 11pm-2am.
Void Them All (Future Funk Squad Remix)
Neural Tech - Void Them All New
hayve - Flow New
Riders In The Sky
Teddy Killerz - Riders In The Sky New
Watch The Crown Fall
Sullivan King - Thrones of Blood New
Death Disco Sept 2022
Mimsey Demon - Death Disco Canadian
2020 Future Vision
Dallas Dee - 2020 Future Vision Canadian
Circus Mixtape Vol 33
CRaymak - Circus Mixtape Vol 33 Canadian
Daveo Villa - live_at_City_At_Night_Ottawa Canadian
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