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Friday November 25th, 2022 with Mimsey Demon
Tribute to Enver Redeyz Pletilic

Tribute episode to local DJ/Producer/Photographer Enver "Redeyz" Pletilic who sadly passed away last weekend. Gofundme link for Enver's Life Celebration/Funeral - This weekend's events - Saturday - Music.Art.Ppl & Dems and Doll PRSNT: Reminisce 10pm, The 27 Club, 27 York Street White Rabbit: Lex & Wood and Return of the Jaded, Sokotta 9pm, City at Night, 222 Slater Street
In Place of Self
Charge Effect - In Place of Self Canadian
Dubstep in Disguise (forth... Rottun)
DZ & RedEyz - Dubstep in Disguise (forth... Rottun) Canadian
March of The Autobots
DZ & RedEyz - March of The Autobots Canadian
Welcome to Vanier
DZ & RedEyz - Welcome to Vanier Canadian
DZ & RedEyz - K-Hole Canadian
Unarmed Melody CueFace Remix
D.Mize & Redeyz - Unarmed Melody Canadian
DZ & RedEyz - Callous Canadian
Chekmo Diskoh VIP
DZ & RedEyz - Chekmo Diskoh VIP Canadian
Joint submission / Mini-mix
Redeyz - Joint submission / Mini-mix Canadian
Feb. 2012 Promo Mix
Redeyz - Feb. 2012 Promo Mix Canadian
D├ęcollage 006
Amber Long - D├ęcollage 006 Canadian
Defunct Tunes 005 [ Live from City At Night (Ottawa)]
Lex & Wood - Defunct Tunes 005 [ Live from City At Night (Ottawa)] Canadian
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