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Friday July 8th, 2022 with Mimsey Demon
Breeze, Gozz, Jason Skilz, and The WIG mixes! Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Industrial, Techno, House, and more!

Tonight! Gozz's Industrial set from Caustic Beats! Breeze DnB mix! Jason Skilz Tech-house mix! WIG house mix! This week's events - Friday INTERSECTION XXIX 10pm-2am City at Night, 222 Slater Street Saturday Barred Techno presents Return of the Underground 8pm-2:30am Cafe Dekcuf, 221 Rideau Street upstairs White Rabbit: THE WIG (NYC), Rick Laplante, DJ Du Shine 8pm-2am City at Night, 222 Slater Street R/U presents DJ Gengis Dhan 10pm-2am Swizzles, 246 B Queen Street
500 Followers Drum n Bass mix
Breeze - 500 Followers Drum n Bass mix Canadian
Caustic Beats
Gozz - Caustic Beats Canadian New
Minimal Deep Tech House
Jason Skilz - Minimal Deep Tech House Canadian New
Flash Factory Better Days
The WIG - Flash Factory Better Days
CDs Are Back
Wordburglar - Burgonomic Canadian New
Lenny Boutilier
Wordburglar - Burgonomic Canadian New
Sega Was Bad
Wordburglar - Burgonomic Canadian New
Interactive CKCU